NGC6744, Galaxy in Pavo


This photography was taken in June 2018 using a Canon 600D modified camera and a 200mm F4 reflector telescope from the La Banderita Observatory, La Pampa, Argentina.
It is composed by 38 individual frames, with a total integration time of 3 hours 10 minutes.

This galaxy lies in the austral constellation Pavo (peacock), with an estimated distance of 30 million light-years from Earth.

In the following annotated image, it is possible to see around a couple of dozens of distant galaxies on the background sky.

NGC6744 Annotated

Technical Data

Acquisition site La Banderita Observatory, La Pampa, Argentina
Acquisition date 06-14-2018
Instrument Newton GSO F4 200 with GPU coma corrector.
Mount Sky-Watcher NEQ6, managed by EQmod
Guide Off-Axis, with Lodestar camera
Camera Modified Canon 600D/T3i
No IR Filter (Full Spectrum mod, using Astronomik MC Clear)
Refrigerated (regulated temperature)
Camera sensor temperature -5°C (on-sensor measured and regulated)
Filter Astronomik Clip CLS CCD
Integration 38 x 5 minutes subframes - ISO 800
Total integration time: 3 hs 10 minutes
Calibration 49 flats, 400 bias, 84 darks.
Resolution 1.1 arcsec/pixel
787 mm actual focal, 4.2 um x 4.2 um pixels
Native size 5202 x 3465 pixels
Cropped size 3400 x 2270 pixels
FOV 1°2’ x 41’
Image center coordinates RA: 19h 09min 46sec
Dec: -63° 51' 40"
Rotation: -85°
Acquisition Maxim DL
Process PixInsight 1.8