Nebula in Sagittarius


This photograph shows an area of the zodiacal constellation Sagittarius that contains a large number of stars (since it is located in the central area of the view we have of the Milky Way), as well as emission nebulae (reddish), reflection (bluish) and Absorption (dark areas).
It is located near the most well-known "Lagoon" (M8) and "Trifid" (M20) nebulae.
The most notable emission nebula appears in the center of the image (reddish color, due to the excitation of hydrogen atoms that emit light with the wavelength of that color) and is called IC1283/4 or SH2-37.
The two most visible nebulae of reflection (in bluish color, because they reflect the light of nearby stars) possess the denomination NGC6589 and NGC6590 and are illuminated by stars that are about 6000 light-years away.
Gas and dust zones forming absorption nebulas obscure the view of more distant objects.

With a total integration time of 2 hours 30 minutes (30 x 5 minutes individual subframes) this image was taken in La Banderita Observatory, La Pampa, Argentina during June 2018.

The used equipment setup: Newton GSO 200 F4 with GPU Comma Corrector, Canon 600D/T3i modified and refrigerated (sensor measured and regulated temperature 0 -5°C), Astronomik CLS CCD filter, SkyWatcher NEQ6 mount, and homemade electronic focuser and anti-dew systems.

Technical data

Acquisition site La Banderita Observatory, La Pampa, Argentina
Acquisition date 6-13-2018
Instrument Newton GSO F4 200 with GPU coma corrector.
Mount Sky-Watcher NEQ6, managed by EQmod
Guide Off-Axis, with Lodestar camera
Camera Modified Canon 600D/T3i
No IR Filter (Full Spectrum mod, using Astronomik MC Clear)
Refrigerated (regulated temperature)
Camera sensor temperature -5°C (on-sensor measured and regulated)
Filter Astronomik Clip CLS CCD
Integration 30 subframes @ ISO 800, 5 minutes each (total integration time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Calibration 49 flats, 400 bias, 84 darks.
Resolution 1.1 arcsec/pixel
787 mm actual focal, 4.2 um x 4.2 um pixels
Native size (each tile) 5202 x 3465 pixels
Cropped size 5150 x 3396 pixels
FOV 1° 34.4' x 1° 2.3'<
Image center coordinates RA: 18 h 17 m
Dec: -19° 36'
Rotation: 175°
Acquisition Maxim DL
Process PixInsight 1.8