Pencil Nebula
Supernova remnant in Vela

Pencil Nebula

In the austral constellation Vela, at a distance of 800 light-year from Earth and 11000 years ago an star did become a Supernova and exploded.
The shock wave (currently expanding at roughly 650.000 km/h) sweeps the interstellar medium adding new elements and compressing the dust and gases, that build the beautiful and complex filaments shown in the picture.
Part of the supernova remnant appears in this photography of the “Pencil Nebula”, named after in telescopes it is seen as a bright segment (although some current astronomers and amateurs, as are able to see more details in the photography, prefer to use the more appropriate nickname “Witch's Broom Nebula”...).

This photography was taken at San Antonio de Areco, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina, in two sessions separated by more than one year: 33x5 minutes ISO 1600 subframes the 1-6-2016 and 21x5 minutes ISO 800 subframes on 3-24-2017, summing up 4 hours 30 minutes of total integration time.
The used equipment setup: Newton GSO 200 F4 with GPU Comma Corrector, Canon 600D/T3i modified and refrigerated (sensor measured and regulated temperature 2°C), Astronomik CLS CCD filter, SkyWatcher NEQ6 mount, and homemade electronic focuser and anti-dew systems.

Technical data

Acquisition site San Antonio de Areco, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Acquisition date 1-6-2016
Instrument Newton GSO F4 200 with GPU coma corrector.
Mount Sky-Watcher NEQ6, managed by EQmod
Guide Off-Axis, with Lodestar camera
Camera Modified Canon 600D/T3i
No IR Filter (Full Spectrum mod, using Astronomik MC Clear)
Refrigerated (regulated temperature)
Camera sensor temperature 2°C (on-sensor measured and regulated)
Filter Astronomik Clip CLS CCD
Integration 33 x 5 minutes subframes at ISO 1600 - 21 x 5 minutes subframes at ISO 800
Total integration time: 4 hs, 30 min
Calibration 49 flats, 400 bias, 84 darks.
Resolution 1.1 arcsec/pixel
787 mm actual focal, 4.2 um x 4.2 um pixels
Native size 5202 x 3465 pixels
Cropped size 5022 x 3276 pixels
FOV 1°32’ x 1°
Image center coordinates RA: 09 h 00 min 12 sec
Dec: -45° 57' 35"
Rotation: 7°
Process PixInsight 1.8