Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex
IC4604 - IC4603


This cloud complex lies in the Ophiuchus constellation, at a distance of approximately 450 light-years from Earth.

The picture has a total integration time of 2 hours 25 minutes composed by individual subframes of 5 minutes @ ISO 1600 each.
They were taken in the La Banderita Observatory, La Pampa province, Argentina, during June 2018.

The used equipment setup: Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L lens, Canon 6D camera (unmodified), Sky Watcher Star Adventurer mount (RA guided with QHY miniguider and QHY5L-II-M guide camera) and homemade anti-dew device.

A detail of the zone marked in the following image is shown in this 2 tiles mosaic.


Technical data

Acquisition site La Banderita Observatory, La Pampa, Argentina
Acquisition dates 6-18-2018
Instrument Canon EF 200mm f/2.8.
Mount Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer
Guide QHY MiniGuider with QHY5L-II-M camera
Camera Unmodified Canon 6D
Camera sensor temperature 10°C to 24°C (as reported by camera - ambient temperature between 0°C and -11°C)
Integration 29 subframes @ ISO 1600, 5 minutes each (total integration time: 2 hours 25 minutes
Calibration 49 flats, 400 bias, No darks.
Resolution 6.9 arcsec/pixel
194 mm actual focal, 6.5 um x 6.5 um pixels
Native size (each tile) 5496 x 3670 pixels
Cropped size 5439 x 3550 pixels
FOV 10° 33' x 7° 3'
Image center coordinates RA: 16 h 21 min
Dec: -22° 39'
Rotación: 86°
Acquisition Maxim DL
Process PixInsight 1.8